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Event Marketing and Sponsorship Development

Community events provide unique opportunities for brand owners to connect with their target audiences. Affiliation with exciting activities lends brands credibility they could not create on their own. Interactive presentations and activities allow brands to connect with consumers in exciting, robust ways.

Events benefit from sponsorships in more ways than just financial.  Sponsors bring audiences of their own, unique engagement capabilities and collaborative marketing team members who bring their own creative capabilities to event organizers.

Event Marketing Services For Sponsors

Nomad Marketing’s Event and Sponsorship services include:

  • Event selection and planning
  • Collateral development
  • Promotion strategy
  • Activation
  • Advertising and PR strategy

Nomad Marketing Services For Event Organizers

Nomad Marketing’s Sponsorship Development services include:

  • Sponsorship strategy development
  • Event and destination property creation
  • Business development and sponsorship sales
  • Interactive experience creation
  • Social media and PR strategy and execution

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